INS Unveiling the New Green Card

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The INS issued a press release on April 21, 1998, touting that its new green card has very high security features and is state of the art. To quote: "The Green Card, which is issued to lawful permanent residents as evidence of their authorization to live and work in the United States, is now one of the most sophisticated, counterfeit-resistant documents produced by the federal government."

Apparently this new card, now called the Permanent Resident Card (no longer the Alien Registration Card), incorporates a myriad of security features, including digital images, holograms, micro-printing, and an optical memory stripe.

The INS believes that the apparent security features on the card will make it easier for employers to verify the cards authenticity and that it relates to the person presenting it. In addition there are other features which are not apparent on the face of the document which can be identified by INS officers.

Holders of previous Alien Registration Cards do not need to immediately replace their cards. Since 1989 the green cards have been valid for 10 years and will remain valid until their validity dates. The INS believes that these cards are certainly a marked improvement in combatting fraud and we hope so too!

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